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Mayor Mike Simpson Visits Ashley Second Graders (October, 2006)




The second grade students at Ashley Elementary were paid a visit by Frisco’s mayor, Mike Simpson, on Friday, September 29. Mr. Simpson came to talk to the second graders after they had studied about Frisco’s past and present and the role of the mayor and city council.

Mr. Simpson began his presentation with information about himself, which the children were excited to hear about. He then discussed with them how the city council works together to vote on ideas that are presented to them. He had 6 children act as council members and vote on whether ice cream should be allowed in class. He talked about how if there is a tie in the votes that he gets to be the deciding vote. The activity helped the children to understand the process of getting changes made in our community.

The next part of Mr. Simpson’s presentation was about all of the places in Frisco. The children got to see slides of places like Dr. Pepper Ball Park and the Rough Riders, Pizza Hut Park and the FC Dallas players, and the new library. They were introduced to the artistic side of Frisco with the art work in the convention center and art sculptures all around Frisco. The children were especially excited to see the coming of the new Safety Town. He also shared with them some of the things he does as mayor in our city such as throwing out the first pitch at a Rough Riders game, riding in parades, and running in the Gary Burns Fun Run.

Mr. Simpson’s presentation was very informative and entertaining for the students. They were all very excited to ask him questions at the end. Maybe one of our Ashley second graders will be our mayor in the future.