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Ashley Third Grader Wins Poetry Contest (May, 2006)

Mena UtslerMena Utsler, a third grade student at Ashley Elementary, was invited to be a guest reader at the Stonebriar Barnes and Noble Bookstore on April 29, 2006, at 3:00 P.M. She shared her winning poem, “Nature,” with Dallas professional poets and guests of the store. “I love nature, so I just decided to write a poem sharing my feelings about it. I finished the poem in one day, but it was difficult in parts. I don’t have much time to go out and explore, because I help at home a lot with my brother and sister. I was very excited when Mrs. McCollister said Barnes and Noble called and said I was a winner in the poetry contest.” Ashley Elementary faculty and students are very proud of Mena Utsler’s  poetic abilities.
Barnes and Noble holds a poetry contest each spring, inviting area students to enter the competitive world of poetry. Mena competed against 1st – 3rd grade students across the region, and her poem was selected as a winning entry.


By Mena Utsler

Nature is a wonderful thing.
Blue birds glide peacefully through the sky,
Blue wings are shadows in skies of ocean blue.
A butterfly sitting on a flower meeting its own kind
while another hatches out of a cocoon.
Like trees so tall with leaves of gold red and brown,
Like every autumn chills are in the air,
But through the colors of the breeze, I see much more than beauty,
I see the message of near winter coming in the breeze.