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Ashley Elementary’s Fifth Graders Kicked Off the Southwest Airlines Adopt-a-Pilot (May, 2006)

Ashley Elementary’s fifth graders kicked off the Southwest Airlines Adopt-a-Pilot program last week. The program, created by Southwest, is a four week study conducted by pilots. The pilots will meet with their designated classes once a week and cover subjects such as math, science, and geography. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about aviation, including how airplanes fly and pre-flight checks, by interacting with the pilots. When the pilots are away, students will be able to track their pilot’s flights using an interactive website and plot those flights on a map. Pilots will also keep in touch via postcards and photographs from the cockpit, literally giving students a bird’s-eye view. At the conclusion of the program, students will “earn their wings” and be presented with a diploma.



(Students and SWA pilots are displayed in a loop format)