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FISD Angels Find It's a Small World
December 11, 2008
Photo Gallery
Randi Davis and Karyn Heine check names and numbers
Kelly Poarch and Denise Wharton Sort bags

With Love, It’s a Small World and Frisco Independent School District have been busy this week filling bags with goodies to help meet the holiday wishes of disadvantaged children who attend FISD.

This year the program will provide clothes, toys or gift cards for more than 1,500 angels ranging from toddlers to high school students. Parents are scheduled to pick up this weekend, according to Randi Davis, Special Events coordinator for FISD and Denise Wharton, school nurse at the FISD Career and Technical Education Center, both FISD liaisons with Small WorldWith Love It’s a Small World is a non-profit organization that works closely with FISD to provide children with college scholarships, back-to-school supplies and the angel program.

"We have more angels this year, probably because of the economy, but we've also had a great response by those not impacted by the economy and it has been great to work in the FISD Transportation West Facility, “Wharton said. “It is wonderful to have space to spread out. We really appreciate the district letting us use this brand new facility.”

“We’ve also had great volunteers – many students, some of the national honor society kids, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, Lynden International Trucking Company, FISD school counselors, and the Frisco Women’s League just to name some. We’ve had some parents of FISD students come to work who have been invaluable. The Centennial High School Football Team will help with bike distribution this weekend and other teams have come to volunteer, as well,” Davis said. “Small World is very appreciative of all the volunteers who have supported angels, helped with the bags and the ones who will help on distribution day. This is an opportunity for the entire community to work with an organization that reaches out to those in need.”

Two volunteers who have really been a big help are Karyn Heine and Kelly Poarch, moms of FISD students. The two have made themselves available throughout the angel program working intake and sorting items. “They have just been wonderful and we are so happy to have them helping out with Small World’s Angel Program. They have been our angels,” Davis said. Wharton noted that this is the fourth year the two women have been Small World volunteers and that this year they have really stepped up and taken leadership roles with the angel program. “Their experience and willingness to give their time has been wonderful.”

Anyone wanting to know more about Small World may visit  online for information about its programs and sponsorships.