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Anderson Elementary Students learn about the World (December, 2005)

Anderson StudentsAnderson Elementary and Collin County Community College hosted an evening of Cultures Around the World to expose and educate students about the many wonderful customs, foods, dress and music of other countries.

Booths were set up to represent the Middle East, Africa, India, even our neighbors Mexico and Canada. The Canadian booth featured teachers dressed in hockey jerseys and the Mexico booth featured the huge paper flowers made for fiestas in that country.

Children who visited the African booth could play native drums. There was even a booth about life in the United States that offered a native snack of popcorn.

Frisco Independent School District has students from many different countries who speak more than 40 different languages. Students from Collin County Community College, which also has a very diverse student and teacher population, helped provide some of the hands-on displays used in the event. This event highlighted the similarities and the differences of the world’s communities and celebrated the diversity that can be found in Frisco Independent School District.