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Middle School Math and Science Score Wins at State Competition (April, 2008)

Frisco Independent School District Middle Schools competed in the 2008 State Math and Science Competition and Fowler Middle School placed 1st over all in Science and 5th overall in general math. The Pioneer Heritage Middle School Science team and the Staley Science team both took a 2nd place in Science. Fowler, Griffin and Staley, competed in 3A and PHMS and Wester competed in the 4A division. Four FISD students, Christopher Johnson (8th) of Pioneer, Ivan Hu (6th) of Pioneer, Tim Sevin (6th) of Griffin, Yueheng “Henry”  Zhang  (8th) of Fowler and Karan Kashyap (7th) of Staley, all took 1st place individual awards in Science.

Fowler’s student individual scores were as follows:

Fowler Middle School6th Grade – James Ye: 5th place number sense, 11th place in math, and 4th in science
7th Grade – Shawn Chen :19th in number sense, 16th in math, and 2nd in science
7th Grade - Bharath Sevugan: 4th in number sense and 5th in math
7th Grade - Nayana Ramachandra: 12th in science
8th Grade – Relvin Samal of Clark Middle School: 8th in general math, and 19th in science.
8th Grade – Yueheng Zhang : 1st in Science

The PHMS Science team member’s individual results are as follows:

PHMS Math and Science Team

6th Grade – Ivan Hu: 1st Place

6th Grade – Jeffrey Ding: 5th place

6th Grade – Matthew Bedard: 6th place

6th Grade – Tyler James: 7th place

7th Grade – Tannaz Rajabi: 5th place

7th Grade – Kierstyn Barnes: 10th place

7th Grade – Logan Bouma: 21st place

7th Grade – Michael San Nicolas: 34th place

8th Grade – Christopher Johnson: 1st place

8th Grade – Brayden Efseroff: 12 th place
8th Grade – Jonathan Bedard: 25th place

Pioneer also sent students to compete in the math and number sense competitions and their individual results were:

6th Grade – Shailen Patel: 38th place in Number Sense and 7th place in Math

6th Grade – Ivan Hu: 67th place in Number Sense and 10th place in Math

Staley Middle School competed in the 3A division and got 2nd place overall for Science. The individual awards were as follows according to Coach Kara Durham:

Staley Math and Science Team

6th Grade - Michael Abuda: 31st in Number Sense; 19th in Mathematics; and 39th in Science

7th Grade - Jessica Bathea: 9th in Science

7th Grade - Karan Kashyap: 34th in Number Sense; 24th in Calculator; 15th in Mathematics; and 1st in Science

8th grade - Alberto Sanchez: 49th in Science

8th Grade - Vamsee Ravella: 29th in Science

8th Grade Pranathi Baddipudi: 24th in Science

8th Grade - Ghanshyam Mudigonda: 23rd in Science

8th Grade  - John Lee: 13th in Science
8th Grade Allen Mumford: 10th in Science
8th Grade Leyatt Hassen: 5th in Science

Griffin also produced a 1st place winner. The individual results are as follows:

Griffin Math and Science Team6th Grade- Tim Sevin: 1st place Science

6th Grade Aaron DePaolo: 6th place Science; 21st Math; 23rd Number Sense

6th Grade - Juanita Mainoo: 17th place Science

7th Grade - Daniel Milton: 17th place Science




Also competing in the event was Wester Middle School, which sent three students to state competition to compete in Science. The results are as follows:

Wester Math and Science Team7th Grade – Alex Chen: 13th place

7th Grade – Jessica Lindner:24th place

7th Grade – Lindsey Luetge: 44th place




Coaches for these teams include Erik Peterson and Elizabeth Edwards of Fowler, Donna Ruder and Brenda Wesley of Pioneer, Kim Taber and Sharee Glendenning of Wester, Kara Durham and  Larry Harmon of  Staley and Amy Jeans,  Holly Pritchett,  Karissa Norris from Griffin.