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The Frisco Independent School District would like to introduce you to ChooseToCare. ChooseToCare is a progressive twist on a proven concept – the “tip-line”. Tip-lines have helped many organizations, public and private, to detect problems early on, minimizing harm and in many cases preventing it all together. When properly implemented, tip-lines serve to support a climate of safety, honesty and integrity within the organizations they serve. What makes ChooseToCare unique is that it is Web-based. This enables users to provide school officials with valuable information, securely, and from the privacy of their own homes. ChooseToCare is not meant to replace traditional and established methods of communication, but to supplement them. By providing another option for members of our school community (students, parents, administrators, teachers, etc.) to offer valuable information that they might otherwise choose to keep to themselves, ChooseToCare helps ensure that our schools will remain safe for all.

Why a Web-based process? We believe ChooseToCare will appeal to the growing number of persons for whom the “on-line” experience has become second nature. This includes, but is not limited to students and other members of our community who grew up with keyboards at their fingertips. Experience has shown that more people choose to come forward when provided the option of remaining anonymous. And, since ChooseToCare is about providing options, participants are offered a toll-free number to use if they prefer


ChooseToCare is a professional tip-line administrator that is not a part of your school system. Tip-lines that are administered by objective third parties are more frequently used. ChooseToCare supports its Web-site on a secure server that uses 128-bit encryption and digital certificate verification. Processes have been established to ensure that information received through the Web-site is communicated directly, securely, and confidentially to the school district official specifically designated to receive tip information.

Your school district knows that the vast majority of our community are honest, dedicated people who care for the safety of students and school personnel. However, we have to be prepared to deal effectively with those who would jeopardize what is so valuable to all of us. That is why we subscribe to ChooseToCare.

In the fall of 2003, for the benefit of our students and school personnel, we will be initiating an awareness campaign in our schools in support of ChooseToCare. As part of this campaign we will send the message that those who use/sell drugs, carry weapons, commit violent acts, bully, vandalize, steal, engage in sexual misconduct, or otherwise threaten the sanctity of our schools have no place to hide. We hope you will support this campaign and we thank you for choosing to care.

ChooseToCare Fact Sheet

  • ChoosetoCare is an innovative, web-based, student, parent, teacher, "tip-line." ChooseToCare is a safe, secure, and provides multiple privacy options for users
  • There is always a percentage of the student population that has valuable information, but that will not use existing and conventional resources to convey their information to school authorities
  • Why: lack of awareness; fear of being wrong; fear of reprisal from suspects or peers; concerns about confidentiality; they have a difficult time trusting; or, they are simply non-confrontational
  • ChooseToCare does not replace existing resources, but supplements resources already in place. it is part of a "layering-on process"
  • ChooseToCare and its Web-based format appeals to the segment of the student population and extended school community that finds the Internet to be a preferred way to communicate
  • ChoosetoCare is available in Spanish
  • ChooseToCare provides a toll-free number option for those who are not Web-enabled
  • ChoosetoCare provides other Web-based services, such as Safe and Drug-free surveys, to support schools in their efforts to keep students safe
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology for optimum security
  • ChoosetoCare is endorsed by the Texas School Safety Center