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FISD serves Frisco, Texas and areas of McKinney, Little Elm and Plano.

As of Thursday, August 8, Frisco ISD is capping enrollment at Robertson, Ashley and Mooneyham elementary schools and they are closed to new students.
Enrollment has reached 860 at these schools, which is 100 students above normal capacity. Students enrolling from this point at Robertson will enroll at Phillips; students enrolling at Ashley and Mooneyham will instead enroll at Sem. Transportation will be provided; students will catch a shuttle at Robertson, Mooneyham or Ashley that will take them to Phillips and Sem and return them to Robertson, Mooneyham and Ashley at the end of the day. In the fall of 2014, Newman Elementary is opening in the area and it will relieve overcrowding at Robertson, Phillips, and also Pink and possibly Carroll. In the fall of 2014, Scott Elementary is opening in the area and it will relieve overcrowding at Ashley, Sonntag and Mooneyham elementary schools.

As of Thursday, August 15, Frisco ISD is capping enrollment at Curtsinger Elementary School and it is closed to new students. Enrollment has reached 820; Curtsinger, Smith and Rogers do not have the same capacity as our other 30 elementary schools and cannot be allowed to reach 860 before a cap on enrollment is implemented. Students enrolling from this point will enroll at Shawnee Trail Elementary. Transportation will be provided via a route for those outside of two miles and via a shuttle to and from Curtsinger for those who live within two miles of Curtsinger. The district is accelerating the construction of an elementary school to open in 2014 (McSpedden) to relieve crowding in this area and to accommodate student growth needs.

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Frisco ISD School Attendance Zone Boundary Change Information

Due to continued rapid growth and the community’s desire to maintain smaller school environments, FISD opens new schools regularly to meet the needs of students. We continue to add about 3,000 students annually. With the opening of new schools comes the task of redrawing attendance zones. The following is a series of questions and answers that will hopefully provide insight into the decision-making process and timeline.

Q. When are these decisions made and how can I have input? Updated enrollment projections are gathered in September and those numbers are used to draw the preliminary zones for review at the November Board meeting. Those proposals will be communicated and input taken from parents. An opportunity for citizen input is extended at the December regular meeting as the Board moves toward making a final decision on the new boundaries at the January meeting. (High school zoning timeline is different, see below).


Q. What are the criteria for determining attendance zones in FISD? As staff develops the proposed plans, they take into consideration issues of student stability, effective utilization of space, proximity to the school, diversity of the student body and unity in the community. No one factor is more important than another in this process of formulating zones.

Q. Is there a chance that some elementary schools will be split when the students move on to middle school? It is not the most desirable situation, but in a fast-growth area trying to balance enrollments at schools, it is sometimes the case that students of one attendance zone at the elementary level may be assigned to different middle schools. Likewise, students at a middle school are sometimes assigned to different high schools.

Q. If we are rezoned, will this be the only time? Frisco ISD will continue to open schools to meet the needs of growth; however, we are at a point where some zones are relatively stable. In the more active growth areas of the District, new schools will be needed in the future and students could still change schools.

Q. How are the administration, faculty and staff selected for new schools? By April, principals are recommended by the Superintendent to the Board of Trustees. The principals then will be responsible for selecting faculty and staff. Frisco ISD has a policy that outlines a procedure by which teachers may request transfer from one campus to another. Therefore, it is likely that some teachers at existing schools may ask for reassignment to the new campuses. The District, as always, will set parameters on the percentage of transfers allowed from one campus to another in the District, while also making certain that some experienced FISD teachers are assigned to the new schools.

Q. Will everyone - students, parents and teachers - be completely satisfied with the new boundaries? Probably not. Changing schools is an emotional issue for all involved and is an inevitable issue to be addressed frequently in a rapidly growing school district like FISD. We continue to experience growth because people are still moving here and we have many young families with children who are not yet school age. We do have concerns with children changing schools multiple times during their elementary school years, which is why it is incumbent upon us to make the best, most well thought-out decisions possible. We hope these decisions will serve us well over time. Our guiding principle is to provide the best and most equitable opportunities for all children. Schools within the District have the same general class sizes, the same general curriculum and comparable facilities. Although the philosophies of the instructional leaders may differ slightly, the same programs are provided throughout the District and guarantee a quality education at all campuses.

Q. What is the timeline for opening new schools under construction? We have four new elementary schools scheduled to open in 2014 – Newman Elementary School in Newman Village to relieve Robertson, Phillips, Pink and possibly Carroll; Scott Elementary in the Reserve at Westridge to relieve Mooneyham, Sonntag and Ashley; McSpedden Elementaryl in Lawler Park to relieve Curtsinger; and a fourth at Lebanon and Lone Star Parkway to relieve Bledsoe Elementary and Nichols. The zoning process for these schools will take place this fall and follow the timelines listed above. Independence High School is scheduled to open in 2014 to relieve Liberty, Heritage and Centennial. The process for rezoning will take place this fall, but in an earlier timeline – October/November/December.

The 8th high school, Reedy High School, is under design and is scheduled to open in 2015 at the site at Teel and 4th Army. It will relieve Frisco High and Wakeland will need relief at this time as well. Zoning will take place in 2014. The 14th middle school will be opening in 2015 to relieve Stafford Middle School and that zoning process will take place in the fall of 2014 also.


For zoning questions contact Dennis Brent at 469-633-6359 or or
Rick Cohagan at 469-633-6356 or email