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Message from Dr. Reedy

We are very fortunate here in Frisco ISD to have an outstanding cadre of business people who care about young people and the quality of education being afforded them. It has been widely demonstarted that great things can be accomplished for young people when businesses ands schools become partners in education.

Dr. Rick Reedy
Superintendent of Schools

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  • Philosophy and Objectives
  • Current School Partners
  • Benefits to the Business
  • Benefits to the District, Community & Students
  • Buddy System
  • Independent Study & Mentorship (ISM)
  • Who Can Participate
  • Contributions to Partnerships

Allison Miller, Director, Frisco Education Foundation



Do you have 30 minutes a week you could commit to making a difference in the life of a young person? If so, you and your company could join with other area business people to partner with your local schools.

Allison Miller , district community partner coordinator, is looking for businesses that would like to partner with Frisco ISD.

Partners do not have to be in the school every day. A business can assign one person to be their representative or bring in a team. It is up to the campus principal and the business to determine the level of participation needed at an individual school. This program allows businesses and schools to interact in ways that make a stronger community and that models the real world of business for students. The rewards are endless – impacting students and adults alike. For more information please call (469) 633-6860.


We are very thankful for the founding businesses in our Partners in Education Program. They were chosen because of their commitment to the community and to education, which was already evident by their attitude and their involvement.

We are very fortunate here in the Frisco ISD to have an outstanding cadre of business people who care about young people and the quality of education being afforded them. It has been widely demonstrated that great things can be accomplished for young people when businesses and schools become partners in education. It makes perfect sense that we embrace their ideas, energy and expertise to help us improve and enhance what is going on in the classroom. In return, we hope their investment of time will reap benefits beyond measure -- lasting memories and a greater understanding of the business of educating students.

Each partnership team of the school and business works together to brainstorm some of the needs of the school and some of the human resources - time, knowledge and skills - of the business that can be tapped to help meet some of those needs. It is our hope that this partnership will be reciprocal - that the businesses will take advantage of the many resources of the school to help enhance their organization, as well.

We look forward to the continued success of our program and its growth due to the foundation that will be put in place by people like you. We are looking for an additional partner for each school, so please call (469) 633-6860 if you are interested or would like more information. For those who would like to get involved in schools as an individual, being a mentor to a student, see our information on the Mentor Program.

The objectives of partnerships are:

  1. To enhance the academic and social development of students.
  2. To bring business and community people to work in schools with students,
  3. teachers and administrators on specific projects.
  4. To provide students and teachers with a realistic picture of the business world that will help prepare students for a successful transition from the classroom to employment.
  5. To supplement learning in the classroom with real world learning experiences.
  6. To promote a mutual understanding among businesses, the community and schools of their respective operations, concerns and relationship to each other.
  7. To establish a closer bond between the businesses, the community and the schools

Benefits to the Business

  1. Business products, services and policies are better understood.
  2. The need for job training declines.
  3. Employee morale improves as participants enjoy the personal gratification of providing community service.
  4. Image of the business community is enhanced.
  5. Educators and students make better informed public policy decisions affecting business.
  6. Businesses consider their work with schools as a means of providing a community service.
  7. Employee supply - businesses need to have areliable source and continuing supply of well-educated potential employees.
  8. Increase in business through positive public relations.
  9. Students have an expanded awareness of appropriate use of resources; the importance of interpersonal skills; how to acquire and use information; how systems work; and the application of technology.
  10. Opportunity to improve the community, which in turn enhances business.

Benefits to the School District and Community

  1. Businesses share appropriate management techniques with schools.
  2. School/business relations are enhanced and strengthened.
  3. Support for schools is increased.
  4. Cooperation with business leaders is developed.
  5. Response from schools to business and community needs is better.

Contributions to Partnerships

Partnerships provide an opportunity for schools to benefit from the community's commitment to quality public education. "Community" is all inclusive of the various entities that may form partnerships. The development of community partnerships is based on the belief the entire community has a stake in the improvement and enhancement of public education and there are many opportunities for interaction with schools to benefit students and improve academic achievement. Partnership activities may include but are not be limited to:

Enrichment- Provide contest judges, provide staff development, conduct special events, provide internships for students and provide field trips to the business or organization for students. Partners can work with students on career readiness skills.

Expertise on school improvement issues: Provide training on topics such as strategic planning, flexible budgeting, team building, technology, and/or time management. Participate on planning committees, curriculum development committees, school improvement teams and/or specific task force teams.

For More Information

For more information please call (469) 633-6860


Mentor Program

Do you have 30 minutes a week to make a difference in the life of a child?

More and more research indicates that just a few minutes of quality time with a child can have a dramatic impact on his or her life. In only 30 minutes a week, relationships can form with another significant adult that provide support, reassurance and encouragement. In today’s world it will become more and more important for a child to know that we care, that we are listening and that help is close by if they get into a situation that they don’t know how to handle. During thirty minute sessions young people can share their thoughts, be encouraged to dream and set goals, get help with reading and their homework, or just know that they have a friend.

What a great message to send to our young people—that community members such as yourself care enough about them to take time out of their busy day to be their mentor.

Sign up today. . . we guarantee it will be the best 30 minutes of your week!

Thanks in advance for considering how you can be a part of helping our young people make good choices before they get into trouble — it is the right thing to do!

Benefits to Students & Teachers

  • Gain expert assistance to enhance educational opportunities.
  • Understand and interact with people from business and the community.
  • Become aware of business, techniques, complexities, constraints and concerns.
  • Access to state-of-the-art techniques, equipment and instructional materials.
  • Enrich the curriculum with application of skills in real world situations.
  • Provide opportunities for students to know professionals who will give positive guidance to students.
  • Motivate and challenge students and teachers with new ideas and experiences.
  • Develop an awareness and learn about the impact of technology on the business world.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to learn about careers in business and within the community.
  • Build alliances and support for individual students working toward further education.
  • Incentives for students and faculty:
  • Provide academic and attendance recognition, self- esteem and conduct rewards.
  • Mentoring: Serve as a mentor to a student to listen, guide, coach and care about him/her.

Speakers: Partners can interact with classes, provide role models and serve as career resources/consultants.

Tutoring: Partnership members can provide tutors. Enrichment sessions in the area of the partner's expertise can be conducted.

Special Projects: Partnership members can provide supplies, tickets to special events; establish career and college information centers; establish job placement programs; provide space for display of student work, contests, or performances. A business can also donate used equipment to the school or participate in a Teacher-For-A-Day Program.

Internships: Provide internships or summer job experiences for students and teachers; provide "shadowing" (following an employee around on the work site) experiences.

Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM)

Through the ISM Program, students are offered a glimpse of the actual work environment as they expand their interpersonal skills and learn effective methods of interacting in the business world.    The students gain insight as they observe duties and responsibilities in the specific area in which they have a career interest.  They accrue valuable experiences and skills related to their chosen field.  These things cannot be accomplished in the classroom.  It requires mentors willing to commit an hour each week from October through May.  In fact, as May rolls around, many times I will have mentors comment to me how much they have gained themselves and how refreshing it has been to them to be able to share their expertise and experiences with these willing students. 

Who Can Participate

  • Businesses (includes industries and corporations)
  • Governmental agencies.
  • Educational institutions for higher learning.
  • Hospitals and health care facilities.
  • Senior citizen groups.
  • Civic and community groups.




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