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Facility Rental

Community members are welcome to utilize the District's unlocked, non-irrigated outdoor recreational facilities - such as the middle school tracks, the cinder track by the Career and Technical Education Center at Wade Blvd. and Ohio Dr., elementary playgrounds, and the tennis courts - for nonschool-related recreational use when the facilities are not in use by the District or for a scheduled nonschool purpose (the district will occasionally allow a city affiliated group to utilize the courts for a tennis program). The district does not reserve these outdoor recreational areas; they are available on a first-come, first-use basis. They should not be used for personal profit. Roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, bikes should never be used on the tennis courts.

Dogs are not allowed on school property during school hours and are not allowed on tracks. If you have your pets on school grounds after hours, please be respectful and adhere to city ordinances regarding leashes and picking up waste.

For board policy related to rental of facilities, see GKD (local).

You can download our Application for Building and Facility Use here.



FISD facility rental, including elementary gyms




Secondary athletic facilities


For information regarding swim lessons and open swim times at the Natatorium, go here.

Please note: A large portion of the cinder track will be closed until spring 2016 while construction of Lebanon High School continues. After the school is complete, the trail will reopen with a revised route.

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