Social & Emotional Learning

The Frisco ISD Social & Emotional Learning Summer Program aims to help students develop skills critical for success in school and life. Free online lessons and on-demand videos will cover a variety of topics – from study skills and goal setting to developing self-confidence and a positive mindset. The lessons and supplemental activities will also help students develop effective coping skills, manage their time and balance commitments at school, home and in the community. The goal is to encourage and empower students in their own social-emotional development. 

Content will be provided in two formats within the Edgenuity platform: 

  • Online lessons covering SEL content and skills 

  • On-demand, recorded videos and supplemental activities selected by FISD staff

Both delivery methods are fully asynchronous, giving students flexibility to determine content that would most benefit their needs or interests. Students may choose to work on one concept or all of them in whatever format meets their needs. All of the SEL material is for self-initiated, reflective purposes and does not provide students with credit or exemptions.

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