Graduation Programs

Due to legislative changes in Texas, high school graduation plans changed for all students who enter high school during the 2014-15 school year and thereafter. This new graduation program provides more flexibility for high school students to pursue post-secondary higher education in an area of interest for them. Generally speaking, the legislative changes established a single graduation plan, the Foundation High School Program (FHSP). Students have the opportunity to build on the FHSP by earning Endorsements, Performance Acknowledgements, and a Distinguished Level of Achievement. Students will need to declare their preferred endorsement area, in writing, by the beginning of their 9th grade year. That decision is not a final one, as students will be able to change their endorsement selection(s) with appropriate guidance from their parents and the school. An endorsement is basically an opportunity for students to select a "major" during their high school career. An endorsement can be earned by taking additional courses in Career and Technical Education (CTE) or by taking additional non-CTE courses specified within the endorsement requirements.

The endorsement areas are:

  • Arts & Humanities

  • Business & Industry

  • Multidisciplinary

  • Public Service

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) NOTE: To earn the STEM endorsement students MUST take Algebra II, Chemistry & Physics along with the other graduation plan requirements

FISD offers courses to meet endorsements in all areas.

The purpose of this webpage is to help parents and students have a greater understanding of the Foundation High School Program (FHSP).

The documents located below may be helpful in understanding the changes:

  • New Graduation Program - is a one page flowchart that encompasses a "big picture" view of the new graduation program

  • Graduation Program Guide - is an in-depth guide to the new graduation program that includes much detail about courses that students in FISD can take to meet the new graduation requirements and also includes several planning documents.

It is very important to note that due to the breadth of course offerings in Frisco ISD, we believe that this will not be a large change for our students; that current members of the class of 2018 and beyond are already on a solid path to meet the default plan for FISD - the distinguished level of achievement with a multidisciplinary endorsement. Students should not have to make course request changes or changes in their four year plans to meet the new graduation requirements - in large part due to the academic counseling provided to them by their middle school and high school counseling staff.

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