GED Test Registration

All registration and payment must be done online.

Create Your Account on Your Own Device From Home

  • Start by visiting Go to Sign up for MyGED™ today. (877.392.6433)

  • Follow instructions to create an account.

  • Remember that a valid email address will be required for this step.

  • Read and accept the terms and conditions by checking the box.

  • Click “Sign Up”.

  • Follow the steps to complete your personal profile. Be sure to enter your legal name as it appears on your primary identification. Click “Next”.

You must be at least 16 years old (court order) to sign up for MyGED™

NOTE: If you are interrupted during this process, don’t worry. Your information is saved after step 4, and you may return and sign in using the information you just entered.

Schedule a Test

  • Click the yellow “Start Scheduling” button on your dashboard.

  • The first time you test, you will be required to complete background questions about your education, work status, and other information.

  • Choose the language in which you’d like to test.

  • Confirm the exam details, and click “Schedule this Exam”.

  • Choose the test subjects (content areas) you’d like to schedule, and click “Next”.

NOTE: If you choose more than one test subject at a time, you will only be shown days and times that are open long enough for both test subjects. Do not try to register for Math and RLA on the same day because there is not enough time to do so in one day. Search for and select your testing center, and then click “Next”.

  • Search for and choose your test appointment day and time, and then click “Next”.

    • Click on the blue box for the date in the calendar you want to schedule

    • Select from the available start times.

    • It is best to select the earliest possible time of the day to begin your testing.

  • Review your order.

    • Click “Add Another” if you’d like to schedule more tests.

    • Do not try to register for RLA & math in the same day as there is not enough time.

    • Click “Proceed to Checkout” if your order is correct.

  • Confirm your personal information is correct, and click “Next”.

  • You must review and agree to the policies, and click “Next”.

  • Enter your payment information (credit/debit card or prepaid VISA), and click “Next”.

  • It is $145 for all four sections or $36.75 per test.

  • Confirm and submit your order.

NOTE: Your credit card will not be charged until you submit your order on the last page.

Rescheduling or Cancelling a Test

  • Log in to

  • Click the “View my schedule” link in “Schedule” tile on your dashboard.

  • Click on the test subject you’d like to reschedule or cancel.

  • Confirm the cancellation, or if rescheduling, choose a new date and time.

NOTE: GED Testing Service and Pearson Vue will happily refund 100% of your test fee if you reschedule or cancel up to 24 hours before your test appointment.

Retaking a Test

  • Log in to, and click “My Scores” in the blue bar at the top.

  • Find the test you’d like to retake, and click the corresponding “Reschedule Test” link.

  • Follow the scheduling process.

  • Examinees may take each subtest three times and then wait 60 days before testing again. Reservations are required. Examinees get two discounted retakes per failed content area (provided those retakes occur within 12 calendar months of the initial attempt). The cost will be $16.25 instead of $36.75 per retake.

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