About FISD+

Frisco ISD will officially offer two tuition-free online options for high school students beginning in the 2022-23 school year. Through FISD+ programming, students will have the option to take FISD classes online full-time or as a hybrid student. The District has been advocating and planning for a virtual program for several years and is thankful for Senate Bill 15 which officially opened the doors for online programming across Texas.

FISD+ is an instructional program developed to meet the growing needs of our students and families that will provide high school students the flexibility to learn at home with an FISD quality educator and curriculum in an online setting that meets and exceeds the Texas Education Agency standards.

The FISD+ learning environment will inspire and engage students through relevant and authentic inquiry-based learning experiences in which they will develop skills for both college and career in addition to mastering academics.

FISD+ provides a fresh and innovative approach to empower students to reach their personal best -- no matter what their academic setting. Whether students are pursuing artistic or athletic talents, academic advancement or addressing personal challenges, FISD+ will meet the unique needs of learners with a combination of independent study and interactive, collaborative group sessions.

Learn more about FISD+:
Jan. 26, 2022 FISD+ Informational Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides 

FISD+ Staff



Principal - Online Programs

FISD+ Future-Ready Promise

  • Engaging Curriculum: Rigorous, interactive, high quality curriculum that cultivates and inspires future-ready learners.

  • Certified FISD Teachers: Exceptional, expert teachers who provide instruction and support for students

  • Student-Opportunities Model: Flexibility in programming to meet student and family needs.

  • Social/Leadership Opportunities: Hybrid and online students will be associated with their home campus. Online and hybrid students will still be able to join clubs and attend important milestone moments including prom, homecoming, graduation, etc.

  • FISD Diploma: No matter the setting, all FISD students have the opportunity to graduate with a Distinguished Level of Achievement diploma with the choice of several endorsements.

  • Support: Students will have guidance counseling and administrative staff to help support their education and social-emotional journey.

  • Tutoring: All hybrid and online students will have access to online tutoring services with FISD teachers.

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