FISD Elementary Science Department has adopted STEMscopes as a curriculum resource to enhance our already successful teacher created curriculum. STEMscopes, developed by Rice University, offers students and teachers quality instructional materials that drive hands-on science learning in classrooms and engages students in inquiry-based practices. By learning science through hands-on discovery, STEMscopes helps students develop reasoning skills that improve their 21st century skills.

STEMscopes targets student success by adhering to a strict alignment between learning objectives and outcomes. Students have the ability to access online curriculum resources to enhance their understanding of science concepts. Some examples of student online activities are vocabulary games, interactive songs, review games, web surfing, assessment questions, and reading passages.

As educators, we understand the need to have high expectations by making science rigorous, yet adaptive to students’ learning styles. STEMscopes provides teachers with resources that allow them to effectively differentiate instruction for their students. Within each “scope,” teachers find powerful tools to help execute a 5E lesson, along with opportunities for acceleration and intervention.

STEMscopes Website

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