Course Program

 The course program is a set pathway that focuses on the 42 semester credit hour Texas Core Curriculum. Core requirements are common to all public colleges and universities in Texas. A completed Texas Core Curriculum is fully transferable between public higher education institutions in Texas. 

Students must enter the program at the start of their Junior year.

Junior – Fall (12 Semester Credit hours)

  • College Writing 1

  • US History Since 1865

  • Texas Government

  • Introduction to Communications

Junior – Spring (12 Semester Credit hours)

  • College Writing II

  • US History to 1865

  • Art Appreciation

  • US Government

Senior – Fall (9/10 Semester Credit hours)

  • Literature I

  • Statistics

  • Earth Science + Lab

Senior – Spring (9/10 Semester Credit hours)

  • Literature II

  • US Economics

  • Environmental Science + Lab





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