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Students and their parents benefit by significantly saving on tuition and fees, while potentially earning up to two years of college credit before graduating from high school.

Tuition at Collin College for a 3-credit hour course is $140 for Collin County residents and $266 for Denton County residents. At the 2017-18 rates, a Collin County resident would spend approximately $2,810 in tuition and fees to complete an associate degree, or $5,330 for Denton County residents. Students who transfer to a university for a bachelor’s degree after completing an associate degree save an average of roughly $17,000 and graduate with two degrees.

Students should also anticipate spending approximately $3,000 for books for the entire degree plan. Students receiving free or reduced lunch benefits may have tuition waived. Students are eligible for scholarships through the Collin College Foundation for both tuition and books.

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