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2017-18 Meeting Dates

September 13th [5:30-8:30 PM] – Committee Meeting

  • Topics: financial story; history and philosophy of small schools model; listen to community feedback

  • Outcomes: Introduce the committee, layout the year to come

October 11th [5:30-8:30 PM] – Committee Meeting

  • Topics: Potential new high-school buildout options 

  • Outcomes: Consensus on high-school build-out options to be studied for cost/programming/etc.

November 6th [5:30-8:30 PM] – Committee Meeting

  • Topics: Discussion of programming and financial impacts of each option

  • Outcomes: Understand the programmatic and participatory differences pertaining to different high school sizes; as well as financial differences between different options

December 6th [5:30-8:30 PM] – Committee Meeting

  • Topics: Discussion of options, including feedback from staff and community group

  • Outcomes: Consensus on option(s) to propose to the Board

March 8th [5:30-8:30 PM] – Committee Meeting

  • Topics: Discussion of 2018-2019 Budget and financial plans

  • Outcomes: Feedback for further discussion

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