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Committee Members

  • 45-50 members were appointed to the committee (community members only) – encompassing all areas of the District

    • Committee members from the Priorities-Based Budget Stakeholder Committee were offered a position on the Long-Range Planning Committee; remaining spots were filled using an application system

    • The Board of Trustees appointed 15- 20 applicants, based on number of positions needing to be filled

    • The District’s Instructional Support Team appointed 15-20 applicants, based on the number of positions needing to be filled

  • Terms of Membership

    • A committee member will serve a three-year term

    • Open spots will be filled using an application process

    • Any member of the committee who is absent for 25 percent or more of the regularly-scheduled meetings during a 12-month period, without an explanation acceptable to a majority of the other members, shall forfeit his or her position on the committee

    • Once a member's term is completed, a member may re-apply after a year sabbatical

Committee Meetings

  • Full group meetings will be in workshop format; sub-committees will be developed as necessary

  • Number of meetings in any given year depends on the topic(s) to be discussed (e.g. budgeting, strategic facilities planning, bond planning, etc.) 

  • Community “town hall” meetings will be held with the public as major recommendations are developed

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