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2017-2018 School Year Zones

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Notes on Elementary School Zones:

  • Curtsinger Elementary: As of November 1, 2016, Frisco ISD has capped enrollment at Curtsinger Elementary School and it is closed to new students. To further clarify, if a student is enrolled and attending Curtsinger by the end of the day on November 1, they will continue to attend Curtsinger Elementary. Enrollment has exceeded 800; Curtsinger, Smith and Rogers do not have the same capacity as the other 37 elementary schools and cannot be allowed to reach 860 before a cap on enrollment is implemented. Students enrolling from this point will enroll at Shawnee Trail Elementary. Almost all students will live within two miles of Shawnee Trail and will not qualify for bus services. For those living outside of two miles from Shawnee Trail, transportation will be provided. With the ability to utilize capacity at a nearby school, the District has delayed the opening of Talley Elementary School until 2018 in order to save significant costs related to school operations.

Notes on Middle School Zones:

  • Vandeventer Middle School, serving students in grades 6-8, is closed to new students enrolling for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. The school exceeded capacity in the 2015-16 school year, with more than 1,100 students enrolled. New middle school students who live in the Vandeventer zone will attend Wester Middle School instead with transportation provided from Vandeventer to Wester. Lawler Middle School will open in August 2018 to relieve Vandeventer. Current fifth graders living in the Vandeventer attendance zone may attend Vandeventer as sixth graders. Fifth graders who enroll on January 17, 2017, or after will attend Wester Middle School as sixth graders for the 2017-18 school year.

Notes on High School Zones:

  • In 2016-17, grades 10-11 from The Trails and Meadow Creek will attend Reedy High School and grades 9 and 12 will attend Wakeland High School. In 2017-18, grades 11-12 will attend Reedy and grades 9-10 will attend Wakeland. In 2018-19, grade 12 will attend Reedy and grades 9-11 will attend Wakeland. In 2019-20, all grades will be zoned for Wakeland.

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