The goal of strategic planning was to create a five-year plan for FISD, taking us to the year 2020. This comprehensive effort revisited questions about who we are as a community, what we value and what we want for our children in our public schools.

The District worked with Strategic Planning for Practitioners and consultants Jenny Preston and Sheri Sides, former administrators in Allen ISD, to guide and facilitate the entire strategic planning process.


January 2015 – The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees developed six general categories to be addressed during strategic planning. They include: Teaching and Learning, Human Resources, Budget, Facilities, Whole Child and Communications. A 30-member team, with equal representation between school personnel and parents/community members, developed strategic objectives and strategies under each of the six categories.

February 2015 – Action teams were created to develop action plans and strategies for each objective. These teams were led by an FISD staff person/s, with approximately 10 team members made up of half parents/community members and half FISD personnel. They worked for two to three months to formulate their goals and how the District can accomplish them.

May 2015 – The full 30-member strategic planning team met to consider and approve action plans developed by the action teams. 

June 2015 – The strategic plan was presented for consideration by the full Board of Trustees. The School Board unanimously approved the plan.

July/August 2015 – District staff will build an implementation plan, including an accountability system and timeline for reporting progress, for the School Board to review in August. The strategic planning team will also convene annually to hear reports on progress.

Team Members

  • Renée Ehmke, Frisco ISD Board of Trustees

  • Anne McCausland, Frisco ISD Board of Trustees

  • Bryan Dodson, Frisco ISD Board of Trustees

  • Dana Baird, City of Frisco

  • Tony Felker, Frisco Chamber of Commerce

  • Darcy Schroer, Frisco Economic Development Corporation

  • Buddy Minett, Community member and former member of the FISD Board of Trustees

  • Susan Thomas, Frisco ISD Council of PTAs

  • Anjali Shirvaikar, Parent

  • Daniel Thering, Parent

  • Patricia Velasquez, Parent

  • Marie Walters, Parent

  • Brandy Swearingen, Parent

  • Lori Skorick, Parent

  • Debbie Pasha, Parent

  • Larry Lewis, FISD Coordinator of At-Risk Services

  • Jina Eksaengsri, Riddle Elementary Principal

  • Dennis McDonald, Staley Middle School Principal

  • Mark Mimms, Heritage High School Principal

  • Jeff Crowe, Liberty High School Instructional Coach

  • Krystle Mott, McSpedden Elementary Instructional Coach

  • Mohamed Mohamed, FISD Manager of Custodial Services

  • Jeremy Lyon, FISD Superintendent

  • Shana Wortham, FISD Executive Director of Communications and Community Relations

  • Richard Wilkinson, FISD Deputy Superintendent of Business Services

  • Katie Kordel, FISD Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Kenny Chandler, FISD Executive Director of Student Services

  • Melissa Fouche, FISD Executive Director of Technology

  • Doug Zambiasi, FISD Assistant Superintendent of Support Services

  • Pam Linton, FISD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Community Input

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeremy Lyon met with several key groups to gain community feedback and input on strategic planning. This included: the FISD Faculty Council, school principals/directors, the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee, PTA/PTO presidents, the Frisco Education Foundation Board and the Chamber Board, among others. He also presented at Rotary and during a joint meeting of the FISD Board of Trustees and the Frisco City Council. In addition, four events were held for parents and community members to provide input on the process.

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