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2017-18 Board Goals

  • Support high levels of learning for all students

  • Encourage staff engagement efforts

    • Attract and retain highly effective educators

    • Engage the FISD staff in continually telling our story

    • Conduct an anonymous staff survey

    • Pair IST and Board for campus visits

  • Continue exploration of opportunities through Districts of Innovation (DOI)

    • Reconvene the DOI committee

    • Submit revised plan in spring of 2018

  • Expand community engagement efforts

    • Continue Frisco ISD Insight with class II in 2017-18

    • Reinstitute Project Connect – Spring 2018

    • Develop comprehensive internal and external communications plan

  • Continue and expand legislative efforts

    • Engage legislators in the work of FISD

    • Clearly articulate our legislative priorities to our legislators and community

    • Continue advocacy efforts between legislative sessions

  • Support continued strategic planning efforts

    • Reevaluate and revise the FISD By Design strategic plan

    • Support a continuation of the Priorities-based budget committee

    • Study long-range facility and fiscal plans with a focus on revenue generation

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